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2018/11/30 23:33:23   

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Bit Flow CEO's words

You want to turn $100 to be $5000 in a secure and easy way? Sounds unbelievable? Don’t worry, let me explain how to get it done. 

Introduction of Bit Flow

    BIT FLOW is a money earning program by providing a logical secure membership platform. The platform does not collect money from you at all, but only to help you to record your position and profit to assist you in growing your network.

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First, you should have a Bitcoin trading account or Bitcoin wallet to join the Bit Flow membership, you just need to pay $100 to the introducers directly with Bitcoin (Your introducer will send you a link with his/her Bitcoin wallet address, once you click on it, the details will be there), and you can register your wallet address on the system. If you are not introduced by any existing member, the system can assign an introducer for you. After you become an official member, you can get referral fee and ready to start this exciting money earning network.

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Earn from your direct downline

    Once you paid $100 and entered the BIT FLOW network, you will be able to obtain the membership fee from your 1st level downline. But if your 1st level downline becomes the same tier as you, you can not earn the membership fee of his/her downline unless you are being upgraded to a higher tier.

To earn from more downlines:

• You must be a higher tier than your downlines in order to obtain the fee from them. In other words, you can earn the membership fee from your downline as long as you are higher tier than them.
• Sometimes you may find your downline is higher tier than you, so you can not earn from them nor anyone down below him/her. 
• In that situation, you may upgrade by paying to your direct upline. You need to pay upgrade fee to upgrade your level. The upgrade fee as shown above. By moving one level up, it actually opens up great potential for you to earn much more from the downline. Please take a look at the chart below.

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Bit Flow success story in the world

Te'Arra from United States, she joined Bit Flow at February 2019.

Te'Arra took 26 days to turn $100 into $5200.

Bella from Venezuela, her friend introduced Bella to join the Bit Flow in March 2019.

She introduced 3 friends to Join and invested $100 in just one month and earned $2,300.

Dawar khan from Pakistan, His friend introduced Dawar to join Bit Flow in March 2019.

He invested $100 for just 2 weeks and earned $1300.

We look forward to receiving your success story.

Limited time offer, new members can be upgraded to a full member(Value of $100) in 7 days for only $20.


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